Played, but no pay.

Where I live, the military is life.  You get used to seeing soldiers dressed in their ACU’s, wielding AK-47, M-9, and other guns.  You get checked at the gate coming in, possible have your car searched if you time it wrong.  You have ID cards and must have a ration control plate to even get into the stores, never mind buy anything.  We have Constantine Wire (like razor wire) atop the perimeter walls.

It truly feels like prison.

Cameras are on you everywhere you go.

Where I live, if the government shuts down, that means no American groceries, or services, and we are at the mercy of our host country.

So, the government shut down sounds like it’d be awful (and let’s be honest, who really wants to work but not get paid right away?).

But the thing that gets my goat is all these families here flipping out because if they don’t get paid, then oh my GAWD! How will they ever survive.

We have savings, and while I’d be pissed if we had to dip into it, it’s life.  Everyone should have savings.  And before anyone starts in on the- But we’re low ranking… we have kids, I say STOP right there.  WE are low ranking (we’re down near the bottom of the pole, kiddies) and as for having kids… I have LOTS of kids (less than ten, more than four).  And we still manage to have savings.

Granted, we don’t have credit card debt, but that’s because we don’t have any credit cards (not even an emergency credit card, that’s what our savings is for, in case of an emergency).

Even some of my closest friends are freaking out… two income families are freaking out… everyone’s freaking out.  Fact of the matter is, you should have savings just in case, and the only person you have to blame for not is yourself.  Living above your means.  I hate it for my friends, but the thing is… you were the one who HAD TO HAVE the nice shiny new car… vacation in Hawaii… you are the ones who married me with tons of children from a previous relationships…

You were the ones that decided to do this and that… and go shopping.

The only person I feel bad about this whole situation is the children, because they all seem to suffer the brunt of it all…

Granted, as idiotic as my kids are being right now, they might deserve a little brunt.



About Kris

I have a problem with everything, and a solution for nothing. Actually, most people often wonder if I'm serious or if I'm joking. Sometimes its both, sometimes it's neither. I don't set out to hurt people's feelings, and I certain don't coddle people. This isn't about you, (and I think that this is where so many people go wrong). I just write whatever sparks me at that moment. Some times, it's wonderful, gritty honesty and other times it's tired, trivial fluff. I just let the words take me.
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