No nuts.

I was reading an article today.  It’s not important what the article was, exactly, because it was the comments that spawned this, not the actual article (which was about food).  It discussed the fact that a lot of schools are ‘nut-free’ because there are so many kids allergic to nuts.  It made me think of my oldest son’s class and how his teacher sends reminders every time there’s to be a function with food included, to remember not to send anything in that has been cooked with, near, or includes nuts.  All for one child.

I know the child.  I love the child (he is one of my best friends’ sons).  I want him to be safe and would hate if anything happened to him.  When he gets into peanuts, he swells up and starts itching, breathing becomes difficult, and if left untreated, he very well could die.

I would never want my little buddy to die.

That being said, I don’t think it’s right to ban a product just because it’s an allergen.  I get the peanut allergies are very serious (as are dairy allergies, pollen allergies, bee allergies, etc…) but we’re not about to ban dairy, pollen, or bees.  That would be like banning the wind… or the rain.

Parents with kids who are allergic should teach their kids what they can and can’t eat or be around.  If they’re not old enough to manage their symptoms, then the parents need to keep their kids in a bubble.  My child shouldn’t be denied bringing in a peanut butter sandwich for lunch because someone might be allergic.

In our school, we have a peanut-free table.  While I hate the idea of a kid being sequestered to a table, much like I wouldn’t want to have all kids in a wheel chair moved to all sit at the same table, or all kids of a certain race or religion, but I think that if they’re that allergic, then it’s for the best.

If someone was allergic to wool, you’d expect them to avoid it.  If they rolled in it, it’s their own fault.

I say, don’t ban nuts just because you’re kid is allergic.  If that’s the case, I’m allergic to BS and let’s ban that.


About Kris

I have a problem with everything, and a solution for nothing. Actually, most people often wonder if I'm serious or if I'm joking. Sometimes its both, sometimes it's neither. I don't set out to hurt people's feelings, and I certain don't coddle people. This isn't about you, (and I think that this is where so many people go wrong). I just write whatever sparks me at that moment. Some times, it's wonderful, gritty honesty and other times it's tired, trivial fluff. I just let the words take me.
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