Fish, Please

Everyone knows that old Chinese proverb ‘Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime’.  There are some people though, you should just give them a fishing pole and let them loose on the world.  They’ll come back tangled in their own line, hook through their lip, but perhaps they would still be teachable.

So many people have a sense of entitlement.  This isn’t one type of person, but a whole group of people who think that the world owes them.

The starving people we keep helping out, we’re not really helping them at all.  What we’re doing is conditioning them to rely on others.  When I am hungry, I eat.  If I have no food, I buy some.  If I have no money, I work.  There are some very logical steps there.  There are people who are more like very big and hairy children.  When a child is hungry, they put their hands out and say ‘Feed me’.

I despise when people say to me ‘oh, but it’s not his fault’.  It’s not his fault he’s not more motivated.  Heck, I wouldn’t get off my keister, either, if I could instead get someone to bring me my food.  I get where the idea had good intentions, but as they say ‘Hell is paved with good intentions’.  I intended to help by feeding him.  A better help would be to teach him the skills to feed himself.  If he chooses not to, then he can take personal responsibility.

And I guess that what it boils down to.  Nothing is ever anyone’s fault but someone or something else’s.



About Kris

I have a problem with everything, and a solution for nothing. Actually, most people often wonder if I'm serious or if I'm joking. Sometimes its both, sometimes it's neither. I don't set out to hurt people's feelings, and I certain don't coddle people. This isn't about you, (and I think that this is where so many people go wrong). I just write whatever sparks me at that moment. Some times, it's wonderful, gritty honesty and other times it's tired, trivial fluff. I just let the words take me.
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